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Washington, DC (February 4, 2014)  — The Michigan Department of Community Health has awarded Health Innovation Grants to Macomb County Mental Health, Centra Wellness Network and Henry Ford Medical Group to integrate online and mobile self-help resources into mental healthcare. The three organizations will use myStrength, an online tool, to help patients manage depression, anxiety and other chronic conditions.

The Michigan organizations join a growing list of behavioral health organizations across the country (see list at the end of this announcement) using myStrength as a treatment extender to improve outcomes for patients by encouraging self-management and offering 24/7 support that extends beyond clinic walls.

The National Council for Mental Wellbeing (National Council) partners with myStrength to help mental health and addictions treatment organizations meet the significant increase in demand for services by leveraging innovative online treatment technologies. More than 5,000 community behavioral healthcare clinicians have the ability to augment direct intervention with virtual care and more than 5 million people now have access to myStrength web and mobile applications.

myStrength, described as “The health club for your mind,” can augment treatment for depression and anxiety in between therapy visits and provides people with a relapse management tool after therapy ends. The application includes interactive coping tools, weekly action plans, daily inspiration and step-by-step learning modules. These digital resources are evidence-based and offered through a HIPAA-compliant platform.

“Consumers are used to getting nearly every product and service — from movies to groceries — on demand. And their expectations for healthcare are no different. Care anytime, anywhere is becoming the norm,” explained Linda Rosenberg, President and CEO of the National Council. “Behavioral health organizations are responding to this trend by turning to technologies like myStrength to improve access, maximize staff resources, support clinical decision making, measure outcomes, empower and engage patients, and encourage self-management,” she added.

Jon Evans, President and CEO of Safe Harbor Behavioral Health, says, “Safe Harbor Behavioral Health has thoroughly embraced myStrength. It offers an additional technology-based tool that extends and enhances the service our clinicians offer. The feedback from both our staff and those we serve has been very positive.”

myStrength users with clinical levels of depressive symptoms showed an average of a 40 percent reduction in depression scores as measured by the DASS-21 over the course of their first six months of using the program. In addition to enhancing and accelerating patient recovery, clinicians report that myStrength helps them better manage waitlists, reach rural consumers, and offers effective relapse management for patients no longer seeing a therapist.

Denise Bruce, who struggles with multiple mental health and substance use disorders and has cycled through the justice system, is in recovery today thanks to the treatment and supports she has received at the Community Reach Center in Colorado. Bruce, in an interview to National Council Magazine, said she found significant support in myStrength, a resource that her probation officer recommended to help her manage challenges in between therapy visits. Bruce tracked her treatment and progress through myStrength on her Kindle. “myStrength has calendars where you can go back week to week and check. It’s got healthy menus and inspirational stories of interest to me. I help other people as well as myself,” she explained.

Behavioral health organizations in the U.S. that subscribe to myStrength include:

  • Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health, CO
  • Aurora Mental Health, CO
  • Centra Wellness Network, MI
  • Coleman Professional Services, Ohio
  • Mind Springs Health, CO
  • Community Counseling Center of Mercer County, PA
  • Community Reach Center, CO
  • Community Services Group, PA
  • East Carolina Behavioral Health, NC
  • Henry Ford Medical Group, MI
  • Human Services Center, PA
  • Jefferson Center for Mental Health, CO
  • Macomb County Mental Health, MI
  • Mental Health Center of Denver, CO
  • North Range Behavioral Health, CO
  • Ozark Center, MO
  • Peak Wellness Center, WY
  • Porter-Starke Services Inc., IN
  • Preferred Behavioral Health, NJ
  • Prototypes, CA
  • Safe Harbor Behavioral Health, PA
  • The Center for Health Care Services, TX
  • The Center for Mental Health, CO


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myStrength, Inc. is an online behavioral health company delivering innovative, evidence-based, scalable solutions for healthcare providers. More than 5 million covered lives now have access to and the myStrengthNow mobile app through our partnerships with managed care providers, employee assistance programs and community behavioral health networks. Learn more at