2024 CCBHC Impact Report

Jun 3, 2024

The Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) model is delivering the resources our nation needs to transform mental health and substance use care so our communities can thrive.

What Is a CCBHC?

CCBHCs are clinics — either recipients of a federal CCBHC grant or state-certified CCBHCs within Medicaid — that receive flexible funding to support their costs of expanding the scope of mental health and substance use care and serving new people in their community. They tailor their services to meet their community’s individual needs and serve anyone who walks through the door, regardless of ability to pay.

New Data Shows CCBHCs Are Improving Wellbeing

3 million

people are currently being served by CCBHCs in the U.S.


of CCBHCs offer one or more forms of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder.


new staff positions were hired by CCBHCs (median of 15 per clinic).


of CCBHCs provide services on-site in one or more schools, childcare or other youth-serving settings.


of CCBHCs are actively engaged in one or more innovative activities in partnership with criminal justice agencies.


of CCBHCs increased outreach to people who have historically been underserved or underrepresented.

“Being a demo CCBHC has, through the PPS [prospective payment system] reimbursement structure, allowed our agency to recruit and retain high-cost, high-value positions that we were unable to afford in a traditional clinic environment, including psychiatrists, child psychiatrists, RNs [registered nurses] and licensed clinical social workers. Among our existing staff, CCBHC has supported the infrastructure needed for professional development, including for nurse practitioners to prescribe MAT medications, clinicians to specialize in children’s trauma work and suicide prevention, and peers to cross-certify in mental health and substance use disorders.”

— Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling Services Inc., New York (Medicaid CCBHC)

“We are happy and keenly aware of the benefit of peer involvement in service provision. Building this workforce opportunity allows for gaps in service to be addressed. It also allows individuals we serve that have been diligent in reaching their treatment goals to become the respected and productive members of society we promised they could be! Our patients have become our colleagues. The CCBHC model embraces their contribution, and supported peer employees truly make a difference.”

— Human Resources Development Institute, Illinois (established grantee)

“For a small, rural community mental health agency, we have been able as a CCBHC to sustain a 24/7/365 mobile crisis team that serves all ages, regardless of insurance. As a result, we have then been able to meet the increased need for services through Same Day Access, increase MOUD [medication for opioid use disorder] services, double our staff to decrease wait times and provide flexible/creative services.”

— Pines Behavioral Health Services, Michigan (Medicaid CCBHC)

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The Takeaway

CCBHCs expand access to comprehensive mental health, substance use and crisis services, provide integrated care that focuses on the whole person, and closely partner with hospitals, law enforcement and schools. CCBHCs help ensure everyone in their communities has equitable access to high-quality care, when and where they need it.

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