Adolescent SBIRT Implementation Checklist

Apr 19, 2022

The Adolescent SBIRT checklist was designed to provide organizations with a detailed but flexible step-by-step guide for integrating SBIRT into routine health care. The checklist features ten key steps: (1) gain commitment from senior leadership, (2) build a strong multidisciplinary implementation team, (3) conduct organization workflow analysis, (4) develop a personalized SBIRT protocol, (5) modify the organization’s EHR, (6) find effective ways to bill and code for SBIRT services, (7) train relevant staff, (8) establish a smooth referral to treatment process, (9) track data to ensure ongoing program improvements, and (10) build toward a sustainable SBIRT practice. The checklist is meant to support a twelve month implementation process, with the first three months principally devoted to planning. Authors of the checklist hope that it can be adapted for various settings, and provide recommendations for using it in school-based health centers, behavioral health providers, primary care settings, and community-based health organizations.

Mosaic Group