Middle Management Academy

Aug 1, 2021

Celebrating its 20th year, The Middle Management Academy (MMA) is the only program of its kind to develop future health care leaders into strong links in the management chain. Participants learn the skills to engage staff, improve performance and fulfill their role as influential frontline leaders. 

The MMA blends best-in-class management and supervision tools with experiential learning customized for mental health and health managers and leaders. Participants explore real-world questions that inspire insight into their own management strengths and help resolve thorny supervision challenges. The curriculum emphasizes both learning and applying skills related to employee engagement, staff supervision, change management, diversity/equity/inclusion, healthy conflict, teamwork and trust. 

The MMA program is a 4-week virtual experience that combines 20 hours of live Zoom instruction with 10 hours of individual pre-work. The interactive training environment provides ample information along with large and small group exercises, discussion and a final project to tie all the learnings together. 


Get started today and check out upcoming virtual Middle Management Academy trainings, or host your own virtual or in-person MMA. The National Council can customize MMA training to respond to your unique organizational needs. Please contact us to learn more about pricing, building a custom training or attending a scheduled training.  



  • New or rising mental health and health care managers and supervisors who recently stepped into management roles. 
  • Experienced behavioral health and health care managers and supervisors who want to enhance their skills and contributions. 
  • Social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, clinicians and administrative/oversight staff in the beginning, intermediate or advanced stage of a management-based role.


  • Understand mental health leadership and management styles and strengths of self and others.
  • Learn and practice enhanced management skills related to behavioral health care staff engagement, change management, and performance excellence.
  • Demonstrate best-practice strategies for setting clear expectations, accountability, healthy conflict, performance coaching, effective teamwork and trust.
  • Learn research-based strategies to contribute to supervisor and management success of behavioral health care organizations.


Jeanne was exceptional with conveying the information and using her lived experience. 


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