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Insurance and Risk Management
The Mental Health Risk Retention Group and Negley Associates offer risk management and insurance for behavioral health, including cyber liability.
trauma informed care
Trauma Informed Care
Trauma is shrouded in secrecy and denial and is often ignored. But when we don’t ask about trauma in behavioral healthcare, harm is done or abuse is unintentionally recreated by the use of forced medication, seclusion, or restraints. The good news is that trauma is treatable — there are many evidence-based models and promising practices designed for specific populations, types of trauma, and behavioral health manifestations.
Addictions, including drug and alcohol problems, affect millions of individuals and families every year. Yet, they often go undiagnosed by healthcare professionals.
Tobacco Cessation
Tobacco cessation is imperative among people with mental illness and addiction. Learn how important quitting is and how your agency can help clients quit.

Excellence Act Press Conference
Excellence in Mental Health Act
The Excellence in Mental Health Act would bolster our nation’s community mental health and addictions system, providing new support for integrated and simplified treatment that will improve Americans’ health and lower costs for the federal and state governments.

Medicaid is the single largest source of funding for America's public mental health system. In Affordable Care Act brings significant changes. Healthcare reform includes important changes and opportunities for states to enhance services provided for Medicaid beneficiaries.

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