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Heather Cobb

Senior Director, Creative and Strategy

Be the Mayo Clinic of Behavioral Health

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The Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and similar “centers of excellence” attract healthcare clients from far beyond their immediate community. Why do people seek care with them, what traits do these clinics have in common, and how can you establish your agency as a Mayo Clinic of behavioral health?

People seek out these centers because they are characterized by having good value, good outcomes, and stellar customer service.

The clinics attract customers because they are able to live up to and deliver the quality care that is expected of them. They have set costs and have established a reputation based on results.

The healthcare landscape is changing, and specialty providers are threatened by increasing costs and a culture of poor outcomes and poor customer service.

Behavioral health centers need to determine how they can change to attract the client base they need to survive. Is it by incorporating whole health services? Improving their data collection and analysis to find ways to improve outcomes and eliminate unnecessary costs?

In 2013, the National Council is working with behavioral health centers across the US to seek answers to these questions and create a definition for a Behavioral Health Center of Excellence.

A popular workshop from the 2013 conference dove into the topic of creating Behavioral Health Centers of Excellence and the seven elements of these centers. The workshop was run by a panel of behavioral health professionals, including Carl Clark and Linda LaGanga of the Mental Health Center of Denver, Sheryl Gangano and Harriet Markell of EMQ Families First, and Dale Jarvis of Dale Jarvis and Associates.

Learn if your center has any of the seven elements and view the full presentation.