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Dale Jarvis

Dale Jarvis and Associates

You’re Asking Too Much of Me!

March 18, 2014 | Community Impact | Comments
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you're asking too much of me!

I hear two types of editorial comments about this center of excellence crowdsourcing project:

“This is really great stuff. The ideas are relevant and timely and we’re on it.”

“You’re asking too much of me! I’m already flooded with a 1,000 things that have to be done yesterday.”

Both comments are part of the existential dilemma currently facing all healthcare leaders. The gap between the “as-is state” and what’s needed is huge – a quality chasm. Very few leaders have the bandwidth or experience to bring about the equivalent of rebuilding engines on their 450 passenger jetliner, mid-flight.

What are the implications as health reform races toward (and hopefully not past) us?

In 2013, healthcare had the highest CEO turnover rate of any U.S. industry. In fact, it was nearly 50% higher in healthcare than any other industry.

Today’s health and behavioral healthcare CEO and leadership team must identify the vital few improvement initiatives relevant to their organization and then execute them. The above turnover statistic from Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a global outplacement and career transition firm, is suggesting that many CEOs are not identifying improvement fast enough.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement recently released a relevant paper, High-Impact Leadership: Improve Care, Improve the Health of Populations, and Reduce Costs. The authors believe that leaders require:

  1. New mental models
  2. High-impact leadership behaviors
  3. High-impact leadership framework

These ideas are very relevant to behavioral health and this crowdsourcing project. We are exploring the mental model of a behavioral health center of excellence. Behavioral health leaders need to identify the vital few and then execute (high-impact leadership behaviors).

We are suggesting a framework of five elements for succeeding in the era of healthcare reform. Our success will be built on rapid access, world-class customer service, comprehensive care, excellent outcomes, and excellent value.

In two weeks, we will explore the fifth element – excellent value – but today I’d like to take a moment and ask: How’s it going? Are you holding up? Will you make it across the chasm?

Todays questions…

Tell us what you think.

How’s it going? Are you holding up?

What tips do you have to help the rest of us as we attempt to cross the quality chasm?

How is the behavioral health center of excellence project helping you (or not) prepare for a future that isn’t going to look like the present or past?


If you haven’t seen the behavioral health center of excellence draft concept paper, you can download it here. If you haven’t downloaded the behavioral health center of excellence study guide, get it here.


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