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Archive: March 2015

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Raising Up a Culturally Conscious Voice: Behavioral Health Training for Community Health Workers

March 26, 2015 | Uncategorized | Comments

Joan Kenerson King, APRN-BC

Senior Integration Consultant, The National Council for Behavioral Health

Every day we are confronted with the increasing cultural diversity of the people we serve and the need to manage not only behavioral health issues, but physical health issues as well. Training behavioral health providers to think about whole health and wellness approaches is important, but an additional step many providers are taking is expanding […]

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The Customer is Always Right: Customer Service for Survival

David Lloyd

Founder, MTM Services

Excellent customer services is paramount to recovery. But what does it actually mean to be the Ritz Carlton of customer service post-health care reform?

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The Four Factors that Lead to (and Protect Against) Suicide

March 9, 2015 | Uncategorized | Comments

Dr. Jane Pearson, National Institute of Mental Health; Dr. Elizabeth Ballard, National Institute of Mental Health; and Colleen Carr, National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

The ultimate answer to “Why do people become suicidal?” is complex, and as depicted in the figure below, research has focused on several long- and short-term risk factors that interact to place an individual at increased suicide risk. 1. Social Determinants Healthy connectedness with family members, neighborhoods, cultural groups and society can serve as a […]

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The Way We Work is Changing

MJ Craig

Marketing Content Manager, DATIS

This post originally appeared on DATIS’ blog and was reprinted with permission.  In our current business environment- the only thing constant is change. Inevitably and irrefutably, the way we work is changing. There are no more 9-5’s and no more cubicle walls to maintain departmental silos. Organizations today are made up of cross-functional teams that search for […]

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