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Archive: November 2015

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8 Resolutions to Plan for Change

Daisy Wheeler

Director of Addictions

I’m a planner. As the year end approaches, you may, like me, already be thinking about your 2016 resolutions. Many of us strive to do better each year in our service to others or to focus on our health — and planning is the most likely pathway to fully realize and achieve our goals. As […]

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How to Make the Most out of Your NatCon16 Experience

Ali Siemianowski

Communication Specialist, National Council for Behavioral Health

In a recent interview with Harvard Business Review, Susan Cain, author of the New York Times best-seller, Quiet, and a record-smashing TED talk , shared advice for introverts to the make the most of a conference. To a self-identified introvert, large crowds can be exhausting. But, whether you identify as an introvert, an extrovert or […]

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Deep-Rooted Issues Require Deep Provider Investment

Heather Cobb

Senior Strategic Advisor for Marketing and Creative

Trauma coexists with the companions of homelessness — addiction, mental illness and early-onset chronic and acute illness. The damage trauma inflicts breeds distrust, making it difficult for people to form the relationships they need to heal.

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Does your organization use text messaging?

Hannah Coen

Communications Associate, NCBH

Text messaging is a fast, relatively inexpensive way to engage under-served populations and to connect patients with 24/7 access to health tips and treatment options. It can change the ways clinicians deliver health care by acting as a care extender and creating a better picture of the population you care for. Yet, it is underused. […]

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On the Road with Case to Care

Joan Kenerson King

Senior Integrated Health Consultant

  High caseloads. Shifting roles. New expectations. How do behavioral health staff providing direct care and their supervisors manage constant change and stressful environments? As the behavioral health field dramatically shifts, case management staff face real people with real needs while criteria for services get tighter and community resources are fewer and farther between. As […]

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Giving Consumers the Access They Deserve

Scott Lloyd

President, MTM Services

  Teams in 11 states have implemented Just-in-Time Prescriber Scheduling (JIT), an offshoot of same day access. This process moves a consumer from a diagnostic assessment to a psychiatric evaluation on the same day in some versions, or within three to five days in others. This speed has greatly increased engagement and reduced the no-shows […]

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Avoid the pitfalls of insuring physicians

November 3, 2015 | Healthcare trends | Workforce | Comments

Nicholas L. Bozzo

President, Mental Health Risk and Retention Group

If you and I could talk, I would tell you that physician coverage for behavioral health care or social services organizations might just be the most important coverage. Yet, many carriers include specific requirements / exclusions that can create concern for agents and clients alike. Required Scheduling:  This onerous feature mandates that each time a […]

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Pam Pietruszewski

Integrated Health Consultant

As a figure skater, my two single blades gliding across the ice had to work together. Movement involves a series of coordinated footwork, choreographed to counterbalance each jump, spin and curve along the way. A perfect routine requires practice, precision and the right conditions. No matter how much you practice, the ice isn’t always smooth […]

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