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Archive: January 2017

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Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including Lassoing Tobacco Use

January 18, 2017 | Addictions | Workforce | Comments

National Behavioral Health Network for Tobacco and Cancer Control

American adults with mental illnesses smoked about a third of the 264 billion cigarettes sold in 2015, according to a recent report. For Texas’ behavioral health treatment organizations, this was a rally cry. To move the needle, the state created Taking Texas Tobacco Free (TTTF) to help local mental health authorities reverse this grim trend […]

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The Key to Risk Management? Asking Questions.

Red arrow signs pointing uptooward the sun. One sign reads "Risk Management."

Erica Hoffman

Communications Intern

Risk management is the culture, processes and structures that help us recognize and understand the potential for adverse effects. As the quality of risk management improves, so does the quality of patient safety and care.

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Supporting the Addiction Workforce: Q and A with Dr. J. Craig Allen

January 10, 2017 | Addictions | Comments

National Council Staff

J. Craig Allen, MD, is a addiction psychiatrist and a member of the National Council Medical Director Institute. He is the medical director of Rushford, an addiction and mental health treatment organization in Connecticut that provides services for children, teens and adults and is part of the Hartford Healthcare system.  The Department of Health and […]

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