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Special NatCon17 Feature

The Happiness Advantage: Better Habits for Better Outcomes

April 5, 2017 | Uncategorized | Comments
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Come hear Shawn Achor turn your understanding of happiness and success upside down. He’ll speak from 11:15 am – 12:15 pm in WSCC: 4AB.

 Wednesday’s closing General Session at NatCon17 is not to be missed. Many of you remember that childhood song that begins, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.”  Well, Shawn Achor is an expert on happiness and he’ll have you clapping your hands, stamping your feet and preparing to be more successful than you ever dreamed.

If you think you have to work harder to be more successful, and then you’ll be happy, think again. Shawn brings years of research, writing and consultation with the world’s thought leaders to the table when he shows you how to first be happy, then be a success. It’s a healing message for turbulent times.

Shawn began his work in positive psychology at Harvard, where he taught the university’s most popular course. His research on happiness made the cover of Harvard Business Review, he has written two New York Times bestsellers, and he has lectured in more than 50 countries. In addition, he’s spoken to CEOs in China, doctors in Dubai, schoolchildren in South Africa, and farmers in Zimbabwe. His TED Talk has become one of the most popular of all time and he recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey to share his secrets for success.

And how he’s here at NatCon17 to share those secrets with you! Achor will show you that happiness is a choice, and that the right mindset is more important for success than IQ    and emotional intelligence combined. Lucky for us, it’s a teachable skill.

If you’re onsite, pack your suitcase, check out of your room and come hear Shawn Achor send you on your way on a positive note. If you’re offsite, join us on social media – Shawn’s presentation is sure to generate a lot of discussion that you won’t want to miss.

And help us spread Shawn’s message. Talk! Tweet! Share!