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Nicholas Thomas

Director of Content Marketing, National Council for Mental Wellbeing

Igniting the Workforce through Leadership Training

January 31, 2019 | Partnerships | Comments
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Sometimes all it takes to ignite growth is a single spark. Just ask Georgiana Staley, a 2016 graduate of the Middle Management Academy (MMA), a National Council leadership-training program that helps middle managers become leaders. MMA showed Georgiana, a program director at the Community Services Group, how to become a stronger link in the management chain.

“Before the Academy, I would avoid difficult conversations. I was struggling with written communication and being misinterpreted,” said Georgiana. “The Academy taught me how to adjust my style and address my tension points in a way that was effective and not intimidating.”

Georgiana named those pain points in the letter she wrote to herself as one of the program’s exercises. A year later, the National Council mailed the letter back to Georgiana, who used it as a reminder of the obstacles she is capable of overcoming. When she opened the letter, the words jumped off the page “like tiny acrobats carrying with them the enthusiasm I felt at the Academy.” The letter read:

Dear Georgie,

Are you still focusing on your strengths and the strengths of your staff?


Are you mimicking the style of emails to improve relationships?


Are you talking about tension points?


Keep the Spark!

Although short, the letter represented everything Georgiana was able to overcome using the insights she gleaned from MMA. To date, more than 3,000 graduates have experienced the same kind of value thanks to MMA’s strategy-based curriculum.

“At the time, I was beating myself up for what I wasn’t doing well. The letter helped remind me of the things I do well and to mindfully acknowledge the strengths of my staff,” said Georgiana.

Since 2001, managers from across the country have attended MMA, a testament to the program’s impact and the National Council’s commitment to strengthening the workforce. Invested in developing leaders in behavioral health, the National Council’s MMA is designed to help them get more out of their organizations and themselves.

“While I was at the Academy, I felt renewed. I was surrounded by people who wanted to improve themselves and be better tools for their company,” said Georgiana. “I felt the energy and ideas start to flow again. The Academy gave me my spark back!”

Today, Georgiana’s letter is posted in her office as a reminder that the value of her position is based on the spark she feels every day … the spark to try new things, take risks, live by her organization’s core values, help her staff love their jobs and help people change their lives for the better.

“Looking back, the Academy taught me to recognize what a small but intensely significant role we play in helping people be the best version of themselves,” said Georgiana. “The course also reminded me that I model the way I want my staff to behave. It’s a huge responsibility, but it’s also a great honor.”

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