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Nicholas Thomas

Director of Content Marketing, National Council for Mental Wellbeing

Consulting Corner: Dr. Ami Roeschlein is Powered by Purpose

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They say if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Ami Roeschlein, DSW, MA, LMFT, a trauma-informed, resilience-oriented services consultant for the National Council, can attest to that having spent 20+ years combining her passion with purpose in behavioral health care. I sat down with Dr. Roeschlein to learn more about her journey, consulting style and leadership approach.

NICHOLAS THOMAS: Welcome, Ami! We are thrilled to have you as our newest consultant. What brought you to the National Council?

AMI ROESCHLEIN: So happy to be here! I’ve spent most of my career in training and academia, starting out as a clinician and later in the role of a director, administrator and program designer. After getting my doctorate at the University of Southern California in Innovation, with a focus on creating large-scale social change through the transdisciplinary training of mental health practitioners, I did a fellowship in leadership, equity advancement and diversity. This helped me realize my aspirations to lead and support others on a grander scale. It also gave me the courage to leave academia when the opportunity came to work with the National Council. It’s been an incredible journey so far!

NT: Thank you for including us in your journey! In what areas of behavioral health care are you most passionate and experienced?

AR: My background is in training providers in trauma-informed and integrated care, adaptive leadership and compassion cultivation, as well as non-hierarchical team-based care and working with re-entry and incarcerated populations. And I have more than two decades of clinical expertise working with those who experience serious mental illness, personality disorders, interpersonal violence, substance use, trauma and co-occurring disorders.

NT: I’m curious about your consulting style and approach. What can clients expect when working they work with you?

AR: Great question! So, I lead from a place of having a growth mindset. I’ve had the honor of meeting with people from across the country, capturing their experiences and feeding off their energy … the chance to collaborate and build relationships with other experts has been invaluable. And my boots-on-the-ground experience – from training psychiatrists, clinical work in numerous settings and teaching masters-level clinicians, to research and grants – continues to fuel my thirst for learning and jumpstart my beginner’s mindset. Often, people already have the solution to their problem, but they can’t get over the mental hurdles, or they don’t have the resources to get there by themselves.

As a consultant, I can put them on a path to success through coaching and by connecting them to those resources. It starts with developing a relationship and listening. Take the time to understand the barriers, and then use that wisdom to mold a strategy.

NT: As an expert in our field, what are some trends you’re noticing among behavioral health care providers?

AR: I’ve seen leaders get too goal-focused and not spend enough time on their people. Leaders are being called on to create morally safe environments where employees can raise questions and talk about inequities. Effective leaders have to acknowledge the uncomfortableness and name it, even if a solution isn’t in place. Building a workplace where you can do your work with a sense of integrity is harder today than ever before. It’s the main thing I’m seeing leaders contend with, and most of them have not had the training to know how to maneuver it.

NT: I’ve saved my most serious question for last, Ami. What song do you always dance to when you hear it?

AR: (laughs) Anything off of David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” album!

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