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Why America Should Expand the Excellence in Mental Health Act: A Survivor’s Tale

Cheryl Sharp

Exclusive Consultant for Trauma Informed Care Initiatives, National Council for Behavioral Health

If we could access the services that today’s Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers offer, we would have spared from pain and anguish.

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Confused about MACRA? We’ve got you covered

Elizabeth Arend, MPH

Quality Improvement Advisor

Over the last month, the National Council held three webinars to shed some light on the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) and the sweeping reforms it makes to payments under Medicare Part B. The first webinar, “MACRA 101,” provided an overview of CMS’s proposed Quality Payment Program, which completely overhauls how […]

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Strengthening Communication and Collaboration: The Travis County Health Justice Learning Collaborative

Hannah Huntt

Manager, Communications Projects at National Council for Behavioral Health

Danny Smith, Director of Mental Health and Inmate Programs in the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, and Sherry Blyth, Director of Crisis Services at Austin Travis County Integral Care (ATCIC), have known each other for over ten years. However, despite their long-standing ties and the significant overlap in the populations their organizations serve, their professional relationship […]

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8 Resolutions to Plan for Change

Daisy Wheeler

Director of Addictions

I’m a planner. As the year end approaches, you may, like me, already be thinking about your 2016 resolutions. Many of us strive to do better each year in our service to others or to focus on our health — and planning is the most likely pathway to fully realize and achieve our goals. As […]

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Why it is Critical to Preserve California’s County-Operated Mental Health Carve Out of Specialty Mental Health Services

Bruce Saltzer

Executive Director, Association of Community Human Service Agencies

In anticipation of the need for California to renew its 1915(b) Freedom of Choice waiver, which sanctions the State’s carved out specialty mental health managed care program, the Association of Community Human Service Agencies recently developed a paper to articulate the critical reasons why the State’s county operated mental health carve out for this specialty […]

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What Primary Care Has to Learn from Behavioral Health

January 9, 2014 | Healthcare reform | Integration | Comments
Perfect Healthcare is Standardized Healthcare

Dr. Jeffrey Brenner

Executive Director of Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers

Conference ’14 Thought Leader and 2013 MacArthur fellow Jeffrey Brenner, MD — best known for his “hotspotting” concept — is creating a healthcare delivery model to meet the medical and social service needs of the most vulnerable citizens in impoverished communities. Brenner talks with the National Council on hotspotting, standardized healthcare, open access, and other disruptive changes in healthcare.

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Be the Mayo Clinic of Behavioral Health

Heather Cobb

Senior Director, Creative and Strategy

The Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and similar “centers of excellence” attract healthcare clients from far beyond their immediate community. Why do people seek care with them, what traits do these clinics have in common, and how can you establish your agency as a Mayo Clinic of behavioral health? People seek out these centers because they […]

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