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Innovative Scheduling Changes Increase Savings, Intake and Client Engagement

Hannah Huntt

Manager, Communications Projects

In just three years, View Point Health, a Metro Atlanta-based community behavioral health care agency, has transformed their clinical practice by implementing a rapid-cycle change model under the guidance of MTM Services. View Point Health provides mental health, addictive disease and developmental disability services serving as the public safety net for a three county area […]

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Smokers Need Not Apply

June 16, 2016 | Leadership | Population Health | Comments

Mary Johnson

Staff Writer

ServiceNet, a mental health and social service agency headquartered in Northampton, Massachusetts, had long been a tobacco-free environment when they decided to take it a step further and create a policy to no longer hire smokers. A potentially controversial decision, Sue Stubbs, ServiceNet president and CEO, knew her staff would have concerns. They suggested that […]

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A Call to Action for Presidential Candidates on the Addictions Crisis

February 1, 2016 | Addictions | Leadership | Treatment | Comments

Becky Vaughn

Vice President of Addictions

Americans are dying from addictions at alarming rates. The 2016 Presidential candidates have begun to talk about addressing addictions, but what are the specific policies and priorities they can put forth or support that will actually turn the corner on our nation’s addiction crisis? Here are the problems we face and the proposed solutions we […]

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Roy Fisher

Program Manager, Navos Mental Health Solutions

It’s 6:30 am when my alarm goes off. I get up to enjoy the morning quiet and play out the day ahead. This morning, I reflect on the upcoming senior leadership meeting. As I consider those I’ll see around the table, I am once again drawn to the fact that I will be the only […]

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8 Resolutions to Plan for Change

Daisy Wheeler

Director of Addictions

I’m a planner. As the year end approaches, you may, like me, already be thinking about your 2016 resolutions. Many of us strive to do better each year in our service to others or to focus on our health — and planning is the most likely pathway to fully realize and achieve our goals. As […]

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Pam Pietruszewski

Integrated Health Consultant

As a figure skater, my two single blades gliding across the ice had to work together. Movement involves a series of coordinated footwork, choreographed to counterbalance each jump, spin and curve along the way. A perfect routine requires practice, precision and the right conditions. No matter how much you practice, the ice isn’t always smooth […]

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We’ve got your back.

Jake Bowling

Director, Practice Improvement

When I was eighteen, like many young folks, I left my hometown in the coal fields of West Virginia to pursue a college degree. Energized by the prospect of being independent, meeting new people, and following my passion for religion and theology, I loaded my Chevy up and headed two hours north to a small […]

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The Customer is Always Right: Customer Service for Survival

David Lloyd

Founder, MTM Services

Excellent customer services is paramount to recovery. But what does it actually mean to be the Ritz Carlton of customer service post-health care reform?

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The Way We Work is Changing

MJ Craig

Marketing Content Manager, DATIS

This post originally appeared on DATIS’ blog and was reprinted with permission.  In our current business environment- the only thing constant is change. Inevitably and irrefutably, the way we work is changing. There are no more 9-5’s and no more cubicle walls to maintain departmental silos. Organizations today are made up of cross-functional teams that search for […]

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I Was a Little Fish in a Huge Pond: A Young Leader’s Story

Lisa Martin, MA

Staff Training & Development Coordinator, Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Behavioral Health

Last year’s National Council Conference was the best professional experience I’ve had in my eight year career in behavioral health care. As a millennial still finding my way in a field continually growing toward a fully-integrated health system, the most difficult part of being a “young leader” is feeling misunderstood. I dare to compare generational […]

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