Wellbeing Wednesdays, Episode 11 — Health Care in the Heartland

Wellbeing Wednesdays Episode 11 graphic showing Gov. Jim Pillen, Annette Dubas and Rebecca Farley David

Health Care in the Heartland: The Bipartisan Effort to Promote Wellbeing in Nebraska

Bipartisan efforts in Nebraska are helping the state address the growing need for mental health and substance use treatment and care. Join us for a conversation with Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen and Annette Dubas of the Nebraska Association of Behavioral Health Organizations to talk about policy solutions in the Cornhusker state and the bipartisan support for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics.

Join us on June 28 for the eleventh episode in our Wellbeing Wednesdays virtual learning series, where the best minds in health care share their thoughts on current issues:

  • Governor Jim Pillen, Nebraska
  • Annette Dubas, Executive Director, Nebraska Association of Behavioral Health Organizations
  • Rebecca Farley David, Senior Advisor, Public Policy & Special Initiatives, National Council for Mental Wellbeing