National Council Hillday

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to register for Hill day?

Registration for Hill Day is free. Attendees are expected to cover the costs of travel and hotel accommodations.

Which staff at my organization should attend Hill Day?

All staff are welcome. Federal policy affects all levels of staff at an organization — so we encourage you to send as many of your staff as are able to come! Past attendees have included CEOs, senior management, consumers, program directors, physicians, other providers, board members, and more.

When will the National Council announce our main policy “asks” for Hill Day?

We try to ensure that the policy asks and fact sheets we give you are timely and in line with current activity on the Hill. As a result, we typically do not announce our target issues until about a month before the event.

Does the National Council schedule Capitol Hill meetings for me?

No. Each state has a State Captain who will be your point of contact and who will coordinate the Hill visits for you and others from your state.

  • In some states, the State Captain will set up all Hill visits and notify attendees so they can RSVP.
  • In other states, attendees schedule their own meetings and notify the State Captain so that they can help others know which meetings to attend.
  • Be sure to contact your State Captain to let them know you will be attending and find out whether they are coordinating your state Hill visits.
Who should I meet with?

We recommend that you set up meetings with both your Senators and your Representative. If your Governor’s office has a branch in Washington, we encourage you to meet with them as well.


Email if you would like to be your state’s captain. Otherwise, we will reach out shortly with next steps if your state does not currently have an assigned Captain.


Yes, please let your state captain know of any scheduled Hill Day meetings so they can plan accordingly with the rest of the attendees from your state.

What should I do to prepare for Hill Day?

You should be prepared to provide basic information about your organization: number of consumers served and any information about their general diagnostic mix, number of staff, the type of payers that constitute most of your reimbursement, and any other information that might be helpful in giving your legislators an idea of what your agency does. It is a good idea to be able to speak to the major budget/funding challenges you are facing in your state.

This is my first time attending Hill Day. Do you have any tips for me?

Yes! Here are some tips and tricks from the National Council staff:

  • Bring plenty of business cards to hand out at your meetings on the Hill.
  • Wear comfortable shoes;
  • Bring a water bottle and even some small snacks;
  • Take pictures with your legislators;
  • If you need special assistance or accommodations, please let us know in advance so we can be as helpful as possible.
I can’t make it to Hill Day, is there some other way to support this event?

Members can show their support for behavioral health advocacy and the Hill Day agenda by becoming a Hill Day sponsor. As a Hill Day sponsor, you will be recognized for your commitment to advocacy in the program and on our website. As the event grows each year, your contribution also helps keep registration free for all attendees. Your donation of just $100 can ensure that our voice is heard. Donating is simple.

Still have questions about Hill Day? Contact Michael Petruzzelli, Manager, Policy and Advocacy at or 202.684.7457, ext. 267.