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Sustainability of Integrated Care

Zufall sites are NCQA-recognized Primary Care Medical Homes, Level 3, and the organization promotes integrated care at all levels. Integrated and patient-centered care has become an integral part of our organizational structure. Job descriptions include language that reflects integration, committees and meetings are interdisciplinary and representative members of the teams are included in process improvement activities.

Leadership, including the board and management team, supports efforts to sustain integrated care through inclusion of multiple services into grants, programs and projects that help provide integrated care to all our patients. Based on the current uncertain climate that faces health centers, Zufall focuses on core services, including behavioral health, as part of its advocacy work.

Maintaining and expanding a diverse payer mix, working on contracts with insurers, improving efficiencies in scheduling patients and billing practices, and demonstrating improved patient health outcomes are ways to also promote efforts to sustain our integrated care model. Given the uncertainty of Medicaid and Charity Care funding for behavioral health services in New Jersey, the organization has not made application for a behavioral health license.