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MHRRG & Negley Associates logo banner

MHRRG and Negley Associates are the exclusive Liability Insurance Platinum Partner of the National Council

The National Council, along with the Mental Health Corporations of America, founded and endorsed the Mental Health Risk Retention Group, Inc. (MHRRG) more than 20 years ago, to provide an innovative, stable source of comprehensive liability insurance customized to meet the evolving coverage needs of behavioral health care providers and to improve the quality of care through loss prevention program development. MHRRG offers stabilized premiums, protection against arbitrary cancellation, quality coverage and a loss prevention program. MHRRG is managed by a team of experts at Negley Associates that includes distinguished attorneys, nationally-known actuaries, reinsurance companies and underwriting managers with decades of experience specializing in behavioral health liability insurance.

Negley Associates is MHRRG’s underwriting management firm and serves the insurance needs of health care and social service providers. Coverage includes workers compensation, general and professional liability, directors’ and officers’ liability, property and physician policies. MHRRG and Negley Associates offer customized insurance coverage for primary care services delivered in behavioral healthcare organization, as well as a comprehensive insurance program and an exclusive loss prevention series for behavioral healthcare providers.

Take the next step in suicide prevention and access suicide prevention training and resources with MHRRG. Continuing education credits are available for all licenses. View and download the flyer here.

National Council members receive a free 30-minute consultation to discuss liability insurance needs.