Case Studies: CCBHC Alignment With the SIM

Aug 29, 2022

Identifying CCBHCs’ effects in different justice settings can be difficult as public health and public safety budgets are managed separately with separate data tracking systems and indicators for success. Two CCBHCs have data on their impacts to the justice systems and how those within justice settings have also supported increased access to care for people with MH/SU challenges. The CCBHCs profiled, Grand Lake Mental Health Center in Nowata, Okla., and Integral Care in Austin, Texas, are two examples of how the CCBHC model supports all sectors of the justice systems. While these are local-level efforts, they were supported by state-level actions: Oklahoma joined the CCBHC demonstration and received the PPS rate structure and Texas moved forward independently of the demonstration with statewide support from the executive and legislative branches of government.