Integrated Health Consulting

Sep 1, 2021

The National Council’s experts bring real-world experience and insight to a wide array of training and consulting services to make your organization more effective and efficient in providing sustainable integrated services.   

Integrated care offers evidence-based building blocks to address whole health needs – from team-based care and shared decision making, to bridging the gap of physical and care delivery silos. We are the touchstone for resources, tools and support for mental health and primary care providers, safety-net provider organizations and states on integrating primary and mental health care using a variety of models and approaches. From the beginning stage of assessing organizational buy-in to developing long-term plans for financial sustainability, our integrated care experts can help open the door to new and innovative possibilities.


Partner with us to create a customized approach to advance integrated care and health outcomes for the people you serve. Whether you are just beginning to implement integrated care or are part of an established integrated care continuum and want to hone your skills and optimize your organization, you’ll find what you need here. Browse the following topics for sample options of issues to address via a customized consulting package.

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Integrated care encompasses a wide range of health care topics and evidenced-based practices. Take a look at these other National Council consulting services that address specific aspects of integrated care: 



CCBHC Success Center


The National Council for Mental Wellbeing, through the National Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions grant award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), is the home of the newest evidence-based resources, tools and support for organizations working to integrate primary and behavioral health care.


The coaching calls are not only supportive and informative, they bring together peers and experts form others projects and activities. Collaboration at its best!! We get to know others, brainstorm great ideas, and problem solve.

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