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Children’s Mental Health Articles

Behavioral Parent Training

In June we hosted a webinar series on evidence-based and evidence-informed behavioral parent training for young children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Archived recordings and training module links are provided below. 6/17: I’m a parent of a young child with ADHD: Why do I need training in behavior therapy? To access the recording click here. Download […]

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Reducing Adolescent Substance Abuse Initiative

The National Council, with support from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, developed a 2-year learning community, the Reducing Adolescent Substance Abuse Initiative, to help providers systematically implement an SBIRT protocol to address substance use among adolescents (ages 15 – 22) receiving services for an emotional disturbance or psychiatric disorder.

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Responders for youth mental health

When we notice our child or someone we coach or teach or even a neighborhood youth beginning to have difficulty coping with ordinary life, displaying changes in mood or personality, changing sleeping and/or eating habits and withdrawing socially, what do we do?

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McLean: ‘A Generation in Pain’

McLean High School magazine journalist David Kagan didn’t know the power of depression when he started to research his article “A Generation in Pain” for McLean High School’s Highlander magazine.

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4 Mental Health Tools to Add to Your Back-to-School List

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five young people ages 13-18 have, or will have, a serious mental illness in their life, and half of all lifetime cases of mental illness start by age 14. Unaddressed mental health concerns in young people can affect every aspect of their lives—from relationships with […]

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Whether it’s bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, PTSD, or eating disorder — people must learn that these illnesses last and they need to find good services and stay in treatment. However, for most families that I learned from over the years, the biggest challenge was understanding and managing the mental health system, and the second challenge […]

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Are There Reasons Behind Bad Behavior?

Trauma is not an excuse for behavior, but it can be a reason for it. Mike Tyson’s recent declaration that he was sexually abused as a child suggests that his early experiences might have contributed to a life defined by rage and violence. Tyson spoke of his experience during an awkward interview on Opie Radio, […]

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Born This Way: A Young Person’s Experience with Mental Health First Aid

On a typical Tuesday, you can usually find me performing a number of tedious tasks, whether it’s trudging through work or cleaning my forever-messy room. However, Tuesday, August 11 was different—I found myself in the middle of New York City being trained in Mental Health First Aid alongside Cynthia Germanotta, co-founder of the Born This […]

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Is Providing Trauma-informed Care for Kids as Easy as Changing the Lens?

We know that early interventions are always best, so when it comes to children and families, providing holistic, trauma-informed care is pivotal. And organizations like The Children’s Clinic, “Serving Children and Their Families” (TCC), Long Beach, California, are leading the charge. Since 1939, TCC has provided health care to all children — especially those from […]

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The Story of Two Mothers

Susan has a 13 year old son. She started noticing that her son seemed extra thirsty, had unusually itchy skin and dry mouth. She found helpful information on the web based on his symptoms, posted her concerns on Facebook and some of her friends offered her ideas from their own experiences, and suspected the possibility […]

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