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Development of an Internal and External Communications Strategy

Good communication with internal and external stakeholders is the hallmark of a successful change management strategy. CCBHCs will have to work with front-line and management staff to redesign workflows, data collection and other clinical processes. You’ll have to educate your board about the strategic importance of the CCBHC transition for the future of your organization. You’ll need to communicate with community partners and other health system organizations to ensure the right service delivery contracts and care coordination agreements are in place. And you’ll need to let current and prospective patients know about all these changes and the new opportunities in store for them when they walk through your doors. Use our resources and consulting options below to craft your internal and external communications strategy during this critical time.



  • Communications with state agencies, associations, payers and providers. Visit this page on our website for advice and resources on how to work with diverse stakeholders to stay at the center of CCBHC implementation in your state.



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