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Expanding Clinical Services

The Excellence in Mental Health Act outlined nine types of clinical services that must be provided by CCBHCs: crisis mental health services; screening, assessment, and diagnosis, including risk assessment; patient-centered treatment planning; outpatient mental health and substance use services; primary care screening and monitoring of key health indicators/health risk; targeted case management; psychiatric rehabilitation services; peer support and family supports; and intensive, community-based mental health care for members of the armed forces and veterans. Subsequent guidance from SAMHSA provided further details on the scope of these nine categories, while granting states flexibility to enumerate required services that meet specific state needs. Is your organization equipped to offer the comprehensive care outlined in the statute and SAMHSA guidance? If not, where will you need to expand service lines or contract with other organizations to supplement the services your organization offers? Are you familiar with current or planned state-specific requirements? The National Council’s resources and consultants can help you identify needed areas of clinical service expansion.



Integrated CCBHC Certification Criteria Feasibility and Readiness Tool

Section F of our readiness assessment tool walks you through the required CCBHC clinical services. Use this tool to identify where you already meet clinical services criteria and where you need to add new staff, programs, or service lines.



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