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Ingraining a CQI Method to Advancing Implementation of Changes

If you’re not already familiar with Continuous Quality Improvement methods, you’ll need to be. CQI will be a critical piece of the CCBHC transition both during the planning year—when you’ll need to rely on staff and management for quick implementation of organization-wide changes—and during the demonstration project, when clinicians and senior management must use new processes and data to examine patients’ outcomes and adapt their care where needed. The National Council has a long history of helping organizations implement CQI methods to facilitate major change. Take a look at our resources and consultants below to learn more.



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Photo of Scott Lloyd
Scott began his career at a large international franchise company working across the US and SE Asia, finding great successful at improving [...] Read More
Photo of Jeanne Supin
Watauga Consulting, Inc.
For more than 25 years, Jeanne Supin has guided behavioral health providers, authorities and payers through successful change and toward leadership, [...] Read More
Photo of Pam Pietruszewski, MA
Integrated Health Consultant
Pam Pietruszewski has more than 20 years experience in primary care and behavioral health integration with specialties in Screening, Brief [...] Read More

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