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Market Rebranding

The benefits that come from having a CCBHC in your community are not necessarily self-evident to patients, health system partners, state policymakers, and other stakeholders. Organizations must work hard to educate communities about the value of CCBHCs and make the business case to external stakeholders who are potential care coordination partners or Designated Collaborating Organizations. The future success of CCBHCs relies in large part on their reputation for delivering timely, high-quality, and comprehensive care. Has your organization given thought to how it will rebrand itself as a CCBHC? What marketing activities should you undertake? How should you communicate your CCBHC activities to current and future payers? Learn more from our consultants and resources below.



  • Excellence in Mental Health Act: An Overview. Where did CCBHCs come from, and what will they accomplish? This one-pager explains the origin of CCBHCs and the rationale for implementing them in your state, along with a summary of the components of the Excellence Act demonstration program.
  • What is a CCBHC? Use this one-pager to brief stakeholders on the core components of a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, including the list of required services, an explanation of who CCBHCs serve, and a summary of what happens for CCBHCs after the Excellence Act demonstration ends.
  • Implications of CCBHC status for your organization, your state, and your clients. This fact sheet illustrates the game-changing implications of participation in the Excellence Act demonstration–for states, patients, and provider organizations. Use this fact sheet to illustrate the major opportunities that participation in the Excellence Act holds for a wide array of stakeholders.
  • Making the Business Case for Care: Visit our Business Case webpage to download our fact sheets on how comprehensive, integrated behavioral health care improves mental and physical health and saves money. Use these fact sheets to educate health system partners and policymakers on the benefits of partnering with your organization or supporting your efforts to expand services.
  • Excellence Act and Public Safety: This fact sheet outlines the benefits of CCBHCs to law enforcement and public safety systems in your state. Use this document in communicating with these partners about the value of CCBHCs.



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