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Transitioning to CCBHC status requires new ways of thinking about old challenges. As a CCBHC, you’ll have to be prepared not just to check all the required boxes, but know how to use these new requirements to your advantage in strengthening your workforce, improving care quality, making the most of your reimbursement rate, and more. As a potential CCBHC, what decisions do you face? Are you cognizant of the strategic implications of your choices? Throughout this transition, the National Council is here to provide insights and guidance that will push you to the forefront of CCBHC implementation. Browse through our information and resources on the following pages, and be sure to check back to these pages often for the latest updates.


  1. Understanding the new payment model and impact on clinical, workforce and operational decisions
  2. Identifying new services and community partners
  3. Reclassification of personnel to most effectively leverage cost-based reimbursement
  4. Development of an internal and external communications strategy
  5. Ongoing strategic guidance as your organization evolves into a CCBHC



Resources from the National Council

Integrated CCBHC Certification Criteria Feasibility and Readiness Tool


Becoming a CCBHC: Where Do You Stand?

Follow the Money: Investing in the Success of Your CCBHC with Cost Reporting

Fact Sheets


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has published a variety of tools to help states and providers prepare for CCBHC implementation. These include:

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has established a webpage with additional resources related to cost reporting and prospective payment systems, including two sets of FAQs on CCBHC payment.



If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Mohini Venkatesh at