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Medical Director Institute

Psychiatric Shortage: Causes and Solutions Press Release

The Medical Director Institute advises National Council board, staff, and membership on issues and topics heavily impacted by clinical practice. The Medical Director Institute is composed of the medical directors available through the National Council membership. Read more…

National Council for Behavioral Health Medical Director/Missouri Department of Mental Health
State/Region: Missouri
Expertise: Community Mental Health, Medicaid, Medical Education, Payment Models

Center for Families and Children
State/Region: Ohio
Expertise: Integrated Care, Medical Education, Payment Models, Trauma

DeKalb Community Service Board
State/Region: DeKalb Community Service Board
Expertise: Psychosis High-Risk State/First Episode, Outcomes/Value-Based purchasing, Integrated Health, Pharmacoeconomics

Jefferson Center for Mental Health
State/Region: Colorado
Expertise: Child/Adolescent, Medical Education, Integrated Care

State/Region: Oregon
Expertise: Integrated Public Health, Behavioral Health

Community Services Group
State/Region: Pennsylvania
Expertise: Child/Adolescent

Mental Health Center of Denver
State/Region: Denver, Colorado
Expertise: Community Mental Health, Health Policy Advocacy, Data-driven Care

University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine
State/Region: Oklahoma
Expertise: Child/Adolescent, Consultation to Schools, Psychiatry

Maryland Treatment Centers
State/Region: Maryland
Expertise: Child/Adolescent, Addictions

Community Partners, Inc.
State/Region: Arizona
Expertise: General Adult Psychiatry, Managed Care

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
State/Region: Texas

State/Region: Indiana
Expertise: Primary Care, Integration, Collaborative Care, IMPACT, Physical Health in SMI Populations

New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University
State/Region: New York
Expertise: Psychotic and Mood Disorders, Psychopharmacology, Interventions and Biomakers

University of Nebraska Medical Center Department of Psychiatry
State/Region: Nebraska
Expertise: Child Psychiatry, Academic Expert

Acadia Hospital
State/Region: Maine
Expertise: Disaster Psychiatry, Emergency Psychiatry, Community Mental Health, Rural Psychiatry, Organizational Psychiatry, Integrated Care, Telepsychiatry, Veterans Issues

The Jewish Board
State/Region: New York
Expertise: Trauma, Organizational Change, Recovery-oriented Care, Confronting Structural Racism in Community Care

Rushford/Hartford HealthCare
State/Region: Connecticut
Expertise: Child/Adolescent, Addictions, Community Mental Health

Health Management Associates
State/Region: Colorado
Expertise: Integration/Reverse Integration, Psychiatric Leadership, Tribal and Correctional Mental Health, Telepsychiatry

Areté Community Psychiatry Solutions
State/Region: Texas
Expertise: First Break Psychosis, Telepsychiatry and ACT populations

State/Region: Tennessee
Expertise: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Pediatrics

Vice Chair
State/Region: Washington
Expertise: Evidence Based Psychotherapies, Personality Disorders, Primary Care Integration, Trauma

Henderson Behavioral Health
State/Region: Florida
Expertise: Child/Adolescent

Silver Hill Hospital
State/Region: Connecticut
Expertise: Healthcare Systems, Psychiatric Leadership, Psychodynamic Psychiatry

State/Region: Affiliate Member
Expertise: MCO

Compass Health
State/Region: Missouri
Expertise: Primary Care, Medical Education, Women’s Health

Jackson Memorial Hospital
State/Region: Florida
Expertise: Child Psychiatry

Health Right 360
State/Region: California
Expertise: Health policy, re-entry services

Pittsburgh Mercy Health System
State/Region: Pennsylvania
Expertise: Primary care, integration

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