CCBHC New Grantee Learning Community

This page is for CCBHCs who participated in the 2022-2023 CCBHC New Grantee Learning Community to access all learning community materials.

The CCBHC New Grantee Learning Community is designed for those new to CCBHC implementation. This year-long learning community will provide monthly guidance and peer-to-peer sharing opportunities for CCBHC-PDI grantees over the first year of grant implementation.

This learning community is designed to:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of CCBHC criteria elements and apply this knowledge to the grant implementation requirements and deliverables throughout the year.
  • Establish and implement project management and change management to promote successful organization transformation as a CCBHC.
  • Utilize lessons learned from CCBHCs and guidance from experts to inform the development of all Y1 deliverables — including needs assessment, establishing all required services, staffing plan and sustainability plan.

Session Materials

Session 1: Orientation
Session 2: Needs Assessment
Session 3: Practice Transformation as a CCBHC
Session 4: Service Array
Session 5: Staffing
Session 6: Care Coordination
Session 7: Partnerships
Session 8: Service Accessibility
Session 9: Continuous Quality Improvement
Session 10: Sustainability Planning
Session 11: Celebration of Grantees and Closing Out of Learning Community