Health Equity Workshop Series Part 1: Understanding the Landscape of Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

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Health Equity involves understanding terms and definitions in the changing landscape of Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges. Part of assessing for equity requires an understanding of safe and secure (Physical, Social, Psychological and Moral) environments for staff and those we serve.  This includes exploring the concepts of Equity, Cultural Humility, as well as climate assessments and safe and secure environment surveys for staff and team discussions regarding creating safe space for open, honest, dialogue regarding equity issues/concerns.  At the heart of this work is understanding Person-Driven Services and how to better involve communities of Color and other marginalized identities.

In this webinar we will:

  1. Explain terms and definitions related to how systemic, cultural and intergenerational trauma manifest itself in staff and those we serve
  2. Describe the different types of safety and understand the need for safe spaces to have open honest dialogue
  3. Identify two strategies for engaging communities of color and marginalized identities into program and organizational planning

Check out the recording for Part 2: Practical Steps for Application!

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