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How about with our SPQM Dashboards, CCBHC Preparation Consultation, Same Day Access, Just In Time  Prescriber Scheduling,  Service Costing by Staff and Code, or the DLA-20 just to name a few!  MTM Services (MTM) is the premiere firm for organizations who want to accomplish substantial changes in their service delivery systems that improve the quality of care being delivered and the quality of life for those delivering it. MTM was built from the ground up with the direct purpose of working with Community Behavioral Health Organizations (CBHOs) and works across all disciplines of care; Mental Health, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, Substance Abuse, Residential, Community Based Services, Hospital, and Integrated Care with PCPs, Urgent Cares and Hospitals.

The Affordable Care Act, parity, Medicaid expansion, and new market and customer forces are ushering in an era of powerful change in how healthcare is accessed, delivered, and paid for. Mental health and addictions treatment organizations have to gear up now to meet greatly increased demand, competition, and performance standards. You need expanded capacity and high-performing prevention, early intervention, recovery, and wellness services and supports. You must work with new Medicaid systems to bill through new health insurance exchanges, adapting to demand for greater accountability, increased efficiency, better quality of care, measurable outcomes, and improved customer service.

David Lloyd, Scott Lloyd and their MTM Services team — of SPQM fame — have led 700+ behavioral health organizations across the country in adapting to changing healthcare delivery and payment systems. Today, MTM Services — in partnership with the National Council for Behavioral Health — offers a full suite of consulting services to prepare community behavioral health organizations, large health systems, managed care entities, and state and county behavioral health systems, for the dynamic new healthcare marketplace.

Organizations that have worked with MTM Services have seen:

  • 60% reduction in consumer wait times
  • 39% reduction in cost of access to treatment process
  • 34% reduction in staff time needed per access to treatment event
  • Increase in referrals from primary care practices
  • Average of $200,000 in annual savings through access to care efficiencies
  • Up to 9 hours a week documentation time savings per direct care staff

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Behavioral health organizations need to turn service delivery data into actionable information that clinicians and administrators can use to make objective decisions. SPQM, or Service Process Quality Management, is MTM Services’ powerful analytical tool that arms decision-makers with the essential information to strategize for the future, manage operations, develop continuous improvement strategies, and demonstrate outcomes to public and private payers.

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Outcomes measurement and monitoring
helps people with mental illness manage their treatment, which can sharply reduce the need for specialized, high-cost services. A research-backed outcomes measurement tool — the Daily Living Activities-20 — measures mental illness or disability’s impact on daily living areas.

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