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National Council Ambassador Network

National Council Ambassador Network

Ready to create change?

Welcome to the National Council Ambassador Network online headquarters.

Ambassadors are our advocacy superstars, the committed people who devote time each year to building relationships with their elected officials. Because “all politics is local,” Ambassadors highlight the local impact of federal policies – and when votes come down to the wire, their relationships with legislators give them outsize influence in tipping the scales.

At our virtual headquarters, National Council Ambassadors will find everything they need to be effective advocates, including background on key issues, one-page briefings to leave with legislators and staff, insider news and updates, and advanced advocacy tips.

Join today!

The National Council Ambassador Network is open to anyone who shares our passion for strengthening the behavioral health safety net through advocacy and will take a few extra hours each year to cultivate relationships with U.S. lawmakers. Will you join the movement? Click here to get started!

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