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The right to vote lies at the heart of our nation’s founding principles – it is the bedrock of our democracy. Every citizen that can vote should have the opportunity to exercise their civic right, including those living with behavioral health conditions. This year, community mental health and addiction treatment centers have the unique opportunity to engage everyone in their centers, including clients, in nonpartisan voter registration and education.

In 2020, elected officials across state and federal ballots will be asking for your vote. They will be asking their fellow citizens to elect them to office to make needed change in our communities and our country. It is critical that you and your clients’ needs are understood and voices are heard in politics and at the ballot box.

Be an impetus for change in our behavioral health care system by advocating for the civic right to vote. Our new Get Out the Vote 2020 Toolkit will help your organization create, launch and sustain a successful voter registration and voter education program for the 2020 General Election Cycle.


If you have questions or need additional assistance at any time during your voter registration efforts, please feel free to reach out directly to Michael Petruzzelli at