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Image of How to Deliver Accountable Care Workbook
How to Deliver Accountable Care Workbook

Prepared for the National Council by Scott Lloyd

$30.00 Members

  • This workbook is a companion to David Lloyd’s How to Deliver Accountable Care. It will help you compare your organization’s service delivery system to the Accountable Care delivery concepts offered in David’s book to determine your change needs, and then walk you through establishing and carrying out a strategic analysis and scenario pan to address your change needs.

    Scott Lloyd’s workbook will help you move from a being a “surviving” operation and clinical service capacity model to a “thriving” model even in the face of reduced funding from traditional county, state, and Medicaid funding sources. It encourages you to take a focused look at accountable care practices and principles and integrate them into your day-to-day service delivery. It truly fosters an accountable and responsive management approach through objective and timely decision-making, proactive management, and vision-based leadership that meets current and future challenges and a proactive “we can do this” systems reengineering effort to remove grant-era redundant and inefficient operational models.

    This workbook provides a step-by-step approach to project management to identify system change need, develop a strategic plan to focus change objectives and implement change in your organization. It contains interactive exercises and worksheets to address critical questions to start your strategic analysis and scenario planning process for a fiscally healthy environment.