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Image of Using Data to Drive Your Service Delivery Strategies
Using Data to Drive Your Service Delivery Strategies

By Scott Lloyd

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  • Leaders with vision realize they need strategic-based data tools to determine and support their core service delivery principles and ultimately improve their organizations. Until behavioral health organizations can determine their actual data points for key information (e.g. cost per service), it is impossible for leaders to make accurate and worthwhile strategic quality-based changes to their current practice patterns. Similarly, to be effective, managers and staff must be able to access and better understand their organization’s performance information.

    This book focuses on seven strategic-based data measurement tools that shed light on these performance issues. These informative tools can be used to establish strategic indicators for:

    • Appropriate direct staff productivity levels
    • Cost per service delivered
    • Proper case load size for direct service staff
    • Total service capacity for your organization
    • Total number of processes, staff time required, client time required, and cost of an organization’s current intake process