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Healthcare Practice Improvement

The National Council for Behavioral Health emphasizes prevention, treatment, education, and recovery through our revolutionary healthcare practice improvement efforts. We recognize that  science — new medications, psychotherapies, peer support, and other treatment technologies — continuously expands our ability to treat a range of addictions and mental illnesses.

Our healthcare practice improvement efforts help mental health and addiction providers translate science to service and challenge the traditional paradigms of the healthcare safety net. We support the evolution and adoption of clinical, financial, and leadership best practices to enable comprehensive, high-quality healthcare for individuals with addiction and mental disorders.


strengthening families

Strengthening Families to Address Child Conduct Difficulties

This exciting Learning Community has been developed to assist child serving programs with addressing the most common reason children are referred for mental health services: conduct and behavioral difficulties. The Strengthening Families Learning Community is a unique opportunity for child-serving mental health organizations to increase staff competencies and promote positive outcomes for children with conduct difficulties.

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executive leadership program

Executive Leadership Program

Launched in January, 2013, this program engages C-Suite leaders within community behavioral health organizations (e.g. CEO, CFOs, COOs, Medical Directors/CMOs, CIOs, etc.) to enhance their participation as active members of their organization’s leadership team.

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access to mental health care

Same Day Access Multistate Initiative

This multistate initiative engaged community behavioral health organizations to design and implement strategies that will result in efficient access-to-treatment processes. The participating agencies receive customized technical assistance and consultation from MTM Services to accomplish the program goals.

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Depression Care Collaborative

The National Council’s Depression Care Collaborative is a yearlong learning project to help community behavioral health organizations systematically use the PHQ-9, an evidence-based depression measurement tool.

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care for mental health and addictions

Co-Occurring Disorders Learning Community

The National Council — in partnership with MTM Services and Hazelden — launched the Co-Occurring Disorder Learning Community in the fall of 2011. This practice improvement initiative addresses an area critical to behavioral health organizations, their communities, and the individuals served – co-occurring treatment for mental health and substance use disorders.

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help for bipolar disorder

Standards of Care for People with Bipolar Disorder

The Advancing Standards of Care for People with Bipolar Disorder program is designed to provide clinicians and program administrators at ten sites with the opportunity and means to: implement an evidence-based group intervention that engages clients and improves client outcomes; implement an evidence based functional assessment instrument to assess a broad range of functional outcomes for clients that participate in the project; and identify areas in which structural and treatment barriers continue to block efforts to improve standards of care.

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