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Trauma-Informed Approaches Learning Communities

Applications for the Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented Approaches Learning Community are now closed.

Escalating violence. Increasingly complex community and client demands. The mounting casualties of the opioid epidemic. Diminished funding with increased needs. A compromised workforce plagued by compassion fatigue.

We know the toll of trauma. We see it every day. But what can we do to rise above these pressures and develop the skills we need to address trauma and nurture resilience?

The National Council’s 9th Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented Approaches Learning Community is a year-long initiative that connects organizations with trauma experts and peer organizations. With two in-person summits, a series of coaching calls, webinars and a listserv of peers and experts at their fingertips, participants develop the resources that respond to their needs and the needs of their communities.

Participants not only increase awareness of trauma’s impact throughout their organization, they acquire actionable information from experts on the real-world benefits of trauma-informed approaches. Participants get the skills they need to:

  • Implement trauma-informed approaches throughout the organization.
  • Improve intake, screening and assessment for trauma and resilience.
  • Adopt trauma-informed, resilience-oriented best practices for clients.
  • Build resilience in the workforce to prevent secondary traumatic stress and compassion fatigue.
  • Make the community a safe environment where clients can heal and staff can thrive.

For more information, view the Request for Applications or watch a recording of the informational webinar.

A Trauma-Informed Nation

The National Council wants to ensure that all organizations, systems and communities across the country have the necessary tools and skills to assess and address the impact of trauma on the people they support. In 2017, we offered two national learning communities: Trauma-Sensitive Schools for schools and districts and National Trauma-Informed Care for behavioral health, social service, community and large system organizations.

Consulting Opportunities

In addition to the learning community model, the National Council offers custom consulting and training on trauma-informed integrated health, mental health and substance use care. To ask how we can tailor a package to meet your unique needs, contact us.