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Accelerate your organization’s transformation and improve the value you bring to clients, payers and communities with the Practice Transformation Academy. Hone your skills in project management, quality improvement and performance measurement and prepare to adopt high-value activities like risk stratification and other population health strategies, cost-based value analyses and alignment of clinical delivery and payment systems.

Each organization will apply the concepts and skills they’ve learned and demonstrate quantifiable results by implementing a Stretch Project tailored to meet the needs of their practice transformation efforts. See examples of stretch projects and outcomes from previous Practice Transformation Academy participants.

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Bring the Practice Transformation Academy to Your Organization

Foster the fundamental principles you need to demonstrate change throughout your organization’s structure with a combination of in-person meetings, practice coaching calls and webinars. For more detailed information, please contact us.

Learning Objectives

You will learn to create:

  • A comprehensive, cross-functional quality improvement and project management strategy.
  • A concrete work plan that prioritizes organizational efforts.
  • A culture of transformation buy-in amongst internal stakeholders.
  • Compelling value propositions by utilizing data.

Training Consultants

For more information on pricing, building your own consulting service or to schedule a training, please contact us.