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Lack of access to timely, high-quality treatment is the greatest barrier to a healthier America. The National Council for Behavioral Health is fighting to change that. We are fighting to build a nation that recognizes the essential truth:

Without mental health, there is no health. Without access to addiction treatment, recovery will be out of reach for many.

~Chuck Ingoglia, National Council President & CEO

CCBHCs: A New & Better Way to Fund Care

Unite for Behavioral Health leverages the passion and expertise of our 3,326 member organizations, as well as our partners and staff, to lead the nation toward a future that values the whole health of every American.

We are focused on five essential objectives that represent the greatest opportunity to improve the health and well-being of the entire nation.


1) Change the Model: CCBHCs in all 50 States

Hundreds of Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) are leading a bold shift to integrate physical and mental health care. This is the model for the future and our goal is to extend it nationwide. Learn more about the CCBHC model and the current status of CCBHC expansion legislation. Read our 2020 CCBHC Impact Report, “Hope for the Future.”

2) Respond to the Addiction Crisis

The National Council is fighting to build capacity in our delivery system to ensure that everyone who seeks treatment is able to receive it. View the latest updates on federal addiction policy on our Capitol Connector blog.

3) Strengthen the Field: Workforce Development

We will work to support policies that incentivize more people to pursue careers in the addiction and mental health field. View the latest behavioral health workforce updates from Capitol Hill.

4) Build on the Parity Law

We are working to ensure full implementation of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act in all 50 states. Where the parity law is not sufficient, we will work with advocates to change federal and state laws. Learn more about parity and the national and state efforts to strengthen implementation.

5) Expand Mental Health First Aid

More than 2 million individuals have been trained in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). We will advocate for additional funding to ensure MHFA training is available to police officers, teachers and other critical audiences in every community. Learn more about the growing push for Mental Health First Aid policy activities in Congress and state legislatures, and download the Mental Health First Aid Advocacy Resource Guide to bring support for Mental Health First Aid to your state.

Download the full Unite for Behavioral Health Policy Agenda.

Public opinion consistently shows strong bipartisan support for expanding mental health and addiction treatment.

CCBHC Impact Report

Click the image above to read our CCHBC impact report.

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