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2017 is a critical year to advocate in support of addiction and mental health priorities. With major proposed changes to Medicaid and behavioral health funding, the National Council is reliant upon its members to unite to protect behavioral health care. Visit this page regularly to see our latest opportunities and Unite4BH!

Opioid overdoses kill 91 people a day. And Congress wants to make it worse. Treatment works, if you can get it. Slashing billions of Medicaid dollars from state budgets would cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Addiction doesn’t kill people. Lack of treatment does.

Listen to the radio ads running now in MAINE, OHIO, and WEST VIRGINIA.

Take Action!

Thank Congress For Not Cutting Medicaid


  1. Dial this number: 202-224-3121
  2. Ask for your Senator.
  3. Share with them this message:
    • I am calling to thank the Senator for not voting to cut or cap Medicaid. Capping Medicaid and eliminating the Medicaid expansion will have a devastating effect on people with mental illnesses and addictions who rely on Medicaid for lifesaving treatment. Please work in a bipartisan manner to solve the nation’s health care issues. I’m calling from [city, state, and zip] and my name is [first and last name].
  4. Call your other Senator and share the same message!

Say Thank You: Legislators are rarely thanked for their work and actions. With the Senate will no longer voting on the harmful Graham-Cassidy bill – thanks in large part to constituent advocacy and education – now is the perfect time to say “Thank you!” Follow-up on your hard work and advocacy by thanking your legislators for not voting to cut or cap Medicaid.


National Council Medicaid Fact Sheets

Learn more about the importance of Medicaid for opioid treatment and the potential impact the elimination of it would have with these fact sheets.


State Fact Sheets on Medicaid and Mental Health/Addiction Services

View state-specific information.


 Download our Advocacy Handbook

Shareables for Social Media

Spread the word to protect Medicaid by sharing these graphics on your social media networks.

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