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myStrength, Inc. is a digital behavioral health platform that delivers innovative, evidence-based, scalable solutions for healthcare payers and providers. They have helped nearly 20,000 behavioral health clinicians meet consumer demand, improve outcomes, lower the cost of care, and extend access to care through web and mobile self-help resources. myStrength helps individuals manage and overcome challenges related to depression, anxiety, stress, substance use, opioid risk management, chronic pain and insomnia. Aimed at whole person well-being, myStrength also offers diverse, clinically-reviewed wellness resources ranging from diabetes and nutrition to smoking cessation, in addition to user-defined inspirational and spiritual resources.

With myStrength, clinicians have the ability to augment direct intervention with 24/7 virtual care to the more than 20 million people who currently have access to myStrength. Just as a gym provides physical resources for the body, myStrength offers a range of mood-improving resources for the mind, including step-by-step self-care modules, interactive tools, weekly action plans and daily inspiration personalized to each user. myStrength has proven instrumental in the enhancement and acceleration of patient recovery. For example, clinically depressed consumers evidenced a 43 percent reduction in symptom burden, on average, within just two weeks of using myStrength. This consumer-centric and highly secure, HIPAA-compliant platform reduces the stigma and provides inexpensive access to evidence-based resources.

myStrength collaborates with more than 150 health plans, community and managed behavioral health providers, integrated health systems, ACOs, EAPs, disease management providers, strategic alliances, EACOs and FQHCs who have integrated the myStrength platform as a treatment extender to offer self-care and wellness resources that enhance the delivery of care.

The National Council for Mental Wellbeing partners with myStrength to help mental health and addictions treatment organizations meet increased demand for services by leveraging innovative online treatment technologies. National Council members are adopting digital tools with myStrength to expand service capabilities through the integration of self-care resources; use technology to reach more clients; provide relapse management post-intervention; offer interactive, evidence-based tools to assist clinicians in case management and treatment planning; and provide emotional wellness resources to staff to cultivate their own health and wellbeing.

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Research and White Papers


Managing Depressive Symptoms in the Workplace – Randomized Controlled Study

myStrength users demonstrated significantly steeper and more rapid reduction in depressive symptoms over time compared to the active control, suggesting that the intervention generated improvement in behavioral health symptoms, even in a nonclinical sample.

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Real-World Outcomes Associated with a Digital Self-Care Behavioral Health Platform

Among a real-world, commercially-insured, adult population with some
degree of depression, myStrength was shown to have a comparable effect size to that of traditional psychotherapy.

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An Online Mental Health and Wellness Intervention Supplementing Standard Care of Depression and Anxiety

This research studied the feasibility, acceptability, and preliminary effectiveness of an online intervention supplementing standard care of depression and anxiety. Reductions in depression and anxiety were observed. Most providers were satisfied with the intervention. This study supports future research.

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Quantifying the Economic Impact of a Digital Self-Care Behavioral Health Platform on Missouri Medicaid Expenditures

Increasing behavioral health offerings to include digital behavioral health self-care tools appears to generate positive
ROI via reduced total cost of care.

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Randomized Control Trial: Digital Tools for Chronic Pain Management:

An innovative approach to building awareness of non-opioid based pain management techniques as compared to treatment as usual.

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